Patent No : WO2017149331

Abstract:   A method of producing aqueous solutions of N-bromotaurine (Taurine Bromanine, NBrT) with excess taurine (in a ratio 1:5) with later addition of NaOBr. Emulsions of these solutions with Stable Produced Olive Oil (S.P.O.O.) for use against hyper-proliferative and abnormally differentiating cells of human and mammalian origin. In addition, due to the hyper-proliferation of keratinocytes in psoriatic skin, said aqueous solutions and emulsions containing NBrT and excess taurine, and S.P.O.O. are useful against the lesions of psoriasis. Said solutions, when applied on cells in vitro, provide maximization of NBrT anti-proliferative properties on abnormally differentiating and hyper-proliferating cells of human and mammalian origin by restoring NBrT anti-proliferative activity in a solution, whilst leaving unaffected the proliferation of normally dividing human fibroblasts. The use of NBrT / taurine solutions in psoriasis optimally comprises the simultaneous use of S.P.O.O. by concurrent mixing to make an emulsion. S.P.O.O. is derived from the physical refinement of olive oil and is mixed with N-bromotaurine / taurine solutions to produce an active emulsion, and thereafter to derive ointments, creams, lotions, as medicinal preparations to treat psoriasis and Herpes Zoster dermatoses. Beneficially, when S.P.O.O. is utilized to make an emulsion with NBrT / taurine aqueous solutions and applied on psoriatic lesions coupled with NaOBr later addition this shortens to half the time period for psoriasis lesions regression and minimizes side effects on dermal tissue as compared to the NBrT aqueous solution application on psoriatic lesions.