Skin Absorb


Skin Absorb 021 is based on an extensive lipid technology basic research, focused on the anti-oxidant and increased biological value effects of olive oil, and in particular on the molecular genetics of ageing.
This active natural oil differentiates itself from olive oil in that it by-passes biodegradation mechanisms of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.


Mechanism of function

Anti-oxidant effect of SkinAbsorb 021 on cell line growth

Hella Cells
Control 24hrs
Hella Cells
Oxidative stress
30% Ethanol 24hrs
Hella Cells 30% Ehtanol
& SkinAbsorb
precipitate 24hrs


SkinAbsorb Oil is a multifunctional active ingredient with the following characteristics:

  • » Stable natural structure (inhibition of auto-oxidation)
  • » Antimicrobial and antifungal activity
  • » Enhanced anti-oxidant function
  • » Compatible to the cellular membrane composition
  • » Deep and fast penetration by the dermal layers




Bibliographic data: GR1008334 (B) ― 2014-10-21





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