We have a broad range of customers that provide us with their natural resources in order to be transformed to natural cosmetic ingredients that fulfill the European Union legislation.

Our ultimate scientific aim is to develop and make functional for the cosmetic industry the finest – and most powerful biological first grade raw materials that are extracted from Hellenic natural resources.

Our research and development department is primarily investigating the usefulness of these natural resources and follows a sequential laboratory work of advanced scientific activity in order to produce final products that are distinguished by their novelty and thus make the power of nature to serve in the correct way the cosmetic industry.

All our final products are 100 % naturally derived without any chemical additives, maintain their original biological chemistry and are made compatible to the industry.


Our research and development department provides services to produce novel natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry by:

  • » Making extensive literature research on the effectiveness and compatibility of natural resources
  • » Elaborative laboratory research and experimental testing to find new compounds that make these natural resources effective and worth value, so to produce a novel cosmetic ingredient-final product
  • » Extensive scientific testing to provide information on Certificate Of Analysis that comply with the worldwide legislation
  • » Providing all the necessary scientific data that are finally included in the documents of Material safety Data Sheet, Data Profile, Fact Sheet and Certificate of Analysis, so that a given novel ingredient can be used safely and effectively by the cosmetic industry.
  • » Prototypes of a given first grade raw material that comply with the international regulations of microbial safety, stability and chemical safety of cosmetic products.