Cornus mas (Linnaeus) Novel Devised Medicinal Preparations

  • 1Nasco AD Biotechnology Laboratory, 11 Sachtouri Street, 18536 Pireus, Greece.
  • 2Department of Chemistry, Tripura University, Suryamaninagar 799 022 Tripura, India.


The medicinal properties of Cornus mas L. (=Cornus mascula L.), Cornaceae, are well described in Hippocratian documents, and recent research provides experimental evidence for some of these properties. However, the chemical components of Cornus mas L. that may be of pharmaceutical importance are relatively unstable. In this respect a novel methodology for plant nutrient element extraction that provides favorable conditions for simultaneous stabilization of such fragile and unstable structures has been devised. Using this methodology, medicinal preparations derived from Cornus mas L. fresh fruits, proved to possess significant antimicrobial activity selective against S. aureus and P. aeruginosa. This effect became apparent with the addition of sodium bromide in the extraction procedure and varied with the ion availability during extraction. The identification of novel agents with potent antimicrobial activity against these species is of medical importance to overcome the problem of universal antibiotic resistance.

Keywords: Cornus mas (L.) fresh fruits; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; novel medicinal preparations; selective bactericidal effect.

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