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NASCO A.D. is searching, developing and producing new active ingredients through molecular biotechnology in order to preserve the strengths of nature and be able to compete with the modern human life demands.
Our scope is to enhance the global market of first grade raw materials with the creation of novel and exquisite ingredients for the cosmetic industry.
By looking in depth ancient Hippocratian botanology and medicine, we develop novel natural products of increased biological value, to enhance your final products. 

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  Our Research & Development unit is being composed of scientists…

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  We have a broad range of customers that provide us…

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  Based on innovative natural compound medicine research we have successfully…

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Our Patents

Patent No : WO2017149331

Abstract:   A method of producing aqueous solutions of N-bromotaurine (Taurine Bromanine, NBrT) with excess taurine (in a ratio 1:5) with…

Patent No : GR1008363 (B)

The invention relates to the preparation method of a product-aqueous solution which is derived from the mixing of 50% fresh Cornus mascula fruit pulp…

Patent No : GR1008334 –

There is disclosed a cellulose membrane-filtered olive oil preparation presenting stable fat acids concentrations some of which exhibit increasing tendencies within a 7-month period without affecting the basic…

Patent No : GR1008036 (B)

The invention relates to a methodology based on the alkaline lysis and biochemical treatment of the nutritional elements of the cornus mascula fresh fruit…

Patent No : 10772855

Patent Applications and Registrations

Patent applications and USPTO patent grants for NASCO AD BIOTECHNOLOGY LABORATORY.The latest application filed is for “n-bromotaurine solutions and emulsions against abnormal cells”.

One of our domains is specializing in developing natural cosmetics free from hazardous raw materials for skin health. Respecting the environment and taking advantage of the healing and rejuvenating properties that natural ingredients offer, we enclose these precious nutrients in our products for the well being of your epidermis.


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Antonis Kiriakopoulos

Chris Caragiozelis


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